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Al Ahmar Mosque Converted into bar


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Israel converted Al Ahmar Mosque into a bar and for events. Al Ahmar has been the most historical Mosque and has been occupied later on but then it is now finally being converted into an event hall and a bar.

Al Ahmar Mosque Converted into bar
Photo by Roiyani Roiyani on Unsplash

Israel converted Al Ahmar Mosque into a bar

  • Al Ahmar Mosque is converted into a bar by the Israel municipality.
  • Al Ahmar mosque was occupied by Jewish gangs but after many years it is converted into an event hall and a bar.
  • The name of the Mosque is also being changed.

The Municipality of Israel has converted the oldest Historical Mosque Al Ahmar into an Event hall and a bar. In the year 1948, the Al Ahmar mosque which is in the Arab city was once occupied by Jewish Gangs.

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After being occupied with Jewish Gangs the Mosque was converted into a Jewish school. From a Jewish school, it was again converted into a center for Likud’s elections Campaign.

From an Election campaign center, it was again Converted into a cloth warehouse. And now the Mosque has been converted into an event hall and a bar.

The name of the Mosque is changed from Al Ahmar mosque to Khan Al Ahmar. The Secretary of Safed and Tiberias Islamic endowment named as Khair Tabari said that he had attached all the necessary documents to state and prove the ownership of Al Ahmar mosque.

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He said that he was waiting for the court to further take a decision on the evacuation of the Mosque as he has already filed a case regarding a request towards evacuating the Mosque and return the mosque to how it was before.

He further said that he asked many popular people to show cooperation along with him so that they can together save the Mosque. He then said that now the Mosque has been meant to be used by everyone except Muslims who wants to offer prayers there.


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