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Coronavirus: Watch Video of Azaan On Speaker In Germany And Netherland.


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Coronavirus: Watch Video of Azaan On Speaker In Germany And Netherland.

On Friday in Germany and Netherland 100 Mosques gave Adhan which is the call to prayer given 5 times a day. The cities of Germany and the Netherland were able to hear Adhan from different Mosques. The recitation echoed the cities.

  • In Netherland and Germany, 100 mosques gave Adhan to show support for Muslims.
  • This was done to promote solidarity against the virus which has been spread in different parts of the world.
  • This gesture shows hope and togetherness.

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Germany has been facing a difficult situations due to the spread of Coronavirus as it has reported more number of Coronavirus cases. On Friday Mosques in Germany and Netherland recited the Adhan which is a call to prayer for Muslims.

Over 100 Mosques recited the Adhan to support Muslims during this hard time. Germany’s largest Muslim Turkish Association is the Islamic Community (IGMG)  where the Adhan was recited. The Adhan was also recited from Mosques which belonged to a Turkish Muslim group.

In Germany Adhan which is given through loudspeakers was not allowed. It was allowed only on special occasions. But more than 50 mosques gave Adhan. While in Netherlands Adhan being recited through loudspeakers is common and is common.

This step was to Show togetherness and the strength to fight Coronavirus. The chairwoman of the DITIB association said that the Neighborhood churches also approached them and asked if they would like to take part in solidarity. They then decided to support the Muslim Community by reciting Adhan every day.

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As per the reports Germany has recorded more cases of Coronavirus after Spain and Italy. In Germany, 1,230 people have been dead and 1,487 people have died in the Netherlands. There are a total of 1 million active cases of Coronavirus at present and 225,000 people are reported as recovered.

The virus which has been first spread from China has recently declared that the country has been able to Defeat Coronavirus but more cases of Coronavirus have been reported.

Many countries are Lockdown and Mosques are closed down so that people do not gather. But Adhan is given through Loudspeakers.


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