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Saudi Arabia Extends Lockdown For 24 hours To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus.


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Saudi Arabia extended the Curfew hours due to Coronavirus. Both the holy cities Mecca and Madinah will be Lockdown for 24 hours. The number of Coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia is 2,370 and to stop it from spreading further strict measures have been taken.

Saudi Arabia Extends Lockdown For 24 hours To Stop The  Spread Of Coronavirus.
  • Saudi Arabia declared that there will be Curfew for 24  hours in the holy cities.
  • The Migrant worker districts have been Lockdown.
  • The Curfew hours have been extended due to Coronavirus cases in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Extends Lockdown

Saudi Arabia has been following strict measures to fight against Coronavirus.

The Kingdom has stopped the pilgrims from entering the holy mosques, Friday prayers have been canceled, only limited people have been allowed to do tawaf, People are not allowed to touch Kaaba.

Saudi Arabia has recorded a total number of 2,370 Coronavirus patients and 29 people have been dead. Apart from imposing curfew in the holy cities only one passenger is allowed to be in the car to buy necessary food products and medicine.

Every year 2.5 million Muslims from around the visit Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj. The first case of Coronavirus in Saudi Arabia has been recorded in Qatif which is an eastern oil-producing province where a Muslim who returned from Iran had Coronavirus.

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The place has been Lockdown for weeks. Cities like Mecca, Madina, Jeddah, Riyadh has restricted entry. Most of the places where migrant workers reside have been Lockdown.

Dubai has Lockdown Al Ras as migrant workers are more in that area. Oman has Lockdown Muttrah which is a market.

Qatar has closed the industrial area and Kuwait decides to lock down areas soon after Qatar and Oman decided to lock down areas with migrant workers.

The workers and Labourers from countries like India, Nepal, and the Philippines have been Quarantined. People have been Quarantined and it is for the public good, Oman’s health minister reported.

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Qatar has Lockdown industrial area because most of the cases were reported from that area. Previous only 3 Pm to 6 Am the curfew was imposed and now it has been imposed for 24 hours.

People who do not follow the order will be fined and only one person will be allowed to buy food and medicine. These measures are taken to help people stay at home and protect themselves as well as others from this virus.

The Umrah visas were suspended long back when WHO declared Coronavirus as pandemic as People from different parts of the world come to perform Umrah.


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