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Muslim Girls From Afghanistan Develop Cheap Ventilator From Toyota Parts To Fight COVID-19.


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The robotics team of Afghanistan created a Ventilator out of Toyota parts. They were not allowed to enter the US in 2017. They created this cheap ventilator to help people fight Coronavirus.

Muslim Girls From Afghanistan Develop Cheap Ventilator From Toyota Parts To Fight COVID-19.
  • Afghanistan girls who are of 14 to 17 years of age made a ventilator out of Toyota parts.
  • They are known as Afghan dreamers.
  • Their robotics team created this cheap ventilator who was denied entry in the US.


The female robotics team of Afghanistan who is known as Afghan dreamers has created a ventilator that is actually made up of Toyota parts. Roya Mahboob who is an entrepreneur selects young girls in the trailblazing program.

She founded the trailblazing program. She is the first female from Afghanistan to become the Chief executive at the age of 23 years. She is the 100 most influential people, as she helped young women by creating a non-profit organization.

The girls who are selected can join the Afghan Girls Robotics Team which is based on an entrance exam for girls studying in 9th and 10th grades. This program is for a duration of 2 years and there are 50 participants in it.

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This robotics team was not allowed visas in 2017 when they had to travel to the International robotics competition. The team expressed their grievances on social media. But the teams were able to present their work at the competition and won a Silver medal.

In Afghanistan, only 40 percent of women are educated. This robotics team is an inspiration for other women. Roya Mahboob says that they want to help the people and they will do anything for the people of their community.

She says that the girls are Heroes who work hard. One team developed a device that will be useful for farmers in picking saffron. Now the teams have been working on creating ventilators as the virus has spread in many countries.

The number of cases in Afghanistan has increased and the government stated that there were not many ventilators so the Robotics team had started to work on it. The team consists of 5 girls who are of 14 to 17 years of age. Roya Mahboob has worked along with these girls.

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The ventilator consists of a hand-operated plastic pouch that will pump Air. It will cost $200 to make this.  A Texas company has stated that it will connect with them. The ventilator which is made up of Toyota parts costs $300. The gear-based device and the use of Toyota parts are the two ways this ventilator can be made.

These ventilators will be used in an emergency when there are no professional ventilators. This step taken by the girls can change the life of people and save their life’s which is a remarkable effort made by them.


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