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Meet The Lady Who Built Mosque From Husbands Savings.


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Meet The Lady Who Built Mosque From Husbands Savings.
  • Muslim woman saved her husband’s salary for almost 30 years.
  • She builds Mosque with that money.
  • She builds the Mosque in her husband’s name.

Women from Saudi Arabia saved her husband’s salary for 30 years to build a Mosque in his name. The story went viral on social media when her son shared about it on social media.

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Her son who is named Mohammad Al Harbi has tweeted about it and as he shared the story many people on social media liked it. He shared a picture of his mother on twitter, his mother was standing in the newly built Mosque.

Al Harbi said that his Mother never enjoyed the retirement salary of his father and for 30 years she has been saving money and build a mosque for him. He said that his father has died but he prays that Allah grants him Jannah. Al Harbi’s mother is an example for people.

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She shows how a wife and husband need to be. In a world where women want to buy clothes and jewelry, they want to spend that money on themselves but Al Harbi’s mother saved that money and did not care about her wants. She showed that marriage is about sacrifice.

Many people on Twitter praised the women for her sacrifice and for her decision to build a mosque. A good Muslim always sacrifice for others to do good to others.

There are many cases of divorce where the main reason behind it would be money and women sacrificing money for her husband is an inspiration.

A charity which is known as Zakat is a must in Islam and building a mosque that will help others to offer salah.

All the good deeds will be written in the name of her husband but she will be rewarded for her patience and sacrifice and will be equally rewarded as she build the mosque after his death and with utmost honesty was able to that work.

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