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Why Pakistan Became a Super-Spreader of Coronavirus to the Entire Muslim Nation.


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Why Pakistan Became a Super-Spreader of Coronavirus to the Entire Muslim Nation.
  • Pakistan observed many cases of Coronavirus.
  • They recently held an Islamic event where thousands of people were present.
  • Two people who were from Gaza having Coronavirus attended the event.

In Lahore, there was a Tablighi Jamat (Islamic event)  Two weeks ago where almost 250,000 people from all over the world attended it.

The capital of Pakistan having q population of about 11 million people hosted this event about Islam. As this event is conducted annually there were reports suggesting to postpone this event but this was held from March 11th–15th.

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Many people from around the world attend this Ijtemah. In February Pakistan declared it’s first Coronavirus case and when the even was organized it was declared as a pandemic. But the event was not canceled. 

Two people from Gaza who had Coronavirus attended the event. Pakistan Now has 1000 cases of Coronavirus. The various parts of the world have been shut down to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

The Two holy mosques in Mecca and Madinah has been Lockdown, Mosques in various countries has been Lockdown, Everyone has been following the strict measures to ensure that Coronavirus do not spread.

But by the time Pakistan decided to cancel the event thousands of people had already assembled in camps and the Weather was not good.

In one case Pakistan reached 1000 cases. People around the world are following strict measures to ensure that this virus does not spread.

The president of Pakistan tweeted that he is praying in his home on Friday during this situation. As per the reports people who attended the event have been tested positive but this news has not been confirmed.


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