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Muslim Doctor From Pakistan Dies Treating Coronavirus Patients.


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  • Muslim doctor lost his life while treating patients from Coronavirus.
  • He is believed to be from Gilgit, Baltistan.
  • He treated many Patients and saved their life.

Muslim Doctor From Pakistan Died Treating Coronavirus Patients.

Dr. Osama who is from Pakistan was helping the Patients suffering from Coronavirus. He was treating the patients from Gilgit Baltistan. He was on Ventilator as his health got affected. He was not able to survive and was martyred.

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The doctor tried to protect others but failed to protect himself from This virus. In Pakistan, the first person to die from Coronavirus is a 77-year-old man from Karachi.

804 cases of Coronavirus have been reported in Pakistan and will be lockdown completely. As per reports 3,000 to 9,000 pilgrims from Iran will arrive at the Taftan border.

Most of the European countries are affected by Coronavirus. In Italy, the death rate is increasing rapidly and Iran is also affected by Coronavirus. Most of the countries are completely lockdown.

As per research, Coronavirus can stay in Air for almost 3 hours and that is why people are advised to stay in their houses and do not come out so that the virus can be stopped from spreading further.

The government in Sindh has established the largest Coronavirus Care Center. The public gathering has been prohibited, Prayers has been suspended.

Curfew is seen in many countries in order to protect the people from this virus. People are seen rushing to supermarkets to buy all the necessary items and avoid going out.

Doctors all around the world are seen protecting the lives of patients from this deadly virus and are risking their lives. Coronavirus cases in China are reducing every day but it is being witnessed that the virus is spreading in other parts of the world.


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