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Nasa, Coronavirus Wasn’t Enough, Now 4 Asteroids Are Heading Towards Earth.


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Nasa, Coronavirus Wasn't Enough, Now 4 Asteroids Are Heading Towards Earth.
  • NASA reports that four Asteroids are approaching Earth.
  • The asteroids will fly close to Earth.
  • The details and the speed at which the asteroids are approaching are given by NASA.

As per the reports stated by CNEOS (Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies) four Asteroids will pass close to Earth on 21st March and 23rd March. The details regarding the Speed are given by NASA. CNEOS has named the four Asteroids as 2020 FK,  2020 FS,  2020 DP4, and 2020 FFI.

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Out of the four Asteroids, 2020 FK is reported as the smallest asteroid which is of 43 Feet in diameter. It will pass the earth at a distance of 1.36 Million Kilometers, at a speed of 37,000 Kilometers per hour.

The second-largest asteroid among the four is 2020 FS which is of 56 Feet in diameter. It will pass far away from earth at 3.05 Million Kilometers, at a speed of 15,000 Kilometers per hour.

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The largest asteroid is 2020 DP4 which will pass by Earth on 23rd March. It is 180 feet in diameter. It will fly at a distance of 1.35 Million Kilometers with a speed of 29,000 kilometers per hour. 

The second smallest asteroid is 2020 FFI which is of 48 Feet in diameter with a speed of 47,000 kilometers per hour. On 21st March 2020, FK will pass by Earth at 9:35 AM as per the IST and 2020 FS will pass by Earth at 8:59 PM IST. 

On 23rd March 2020, DP4 will pass by Earth at 12:04 AM IST and 2020 FFI will pass by Earth at 3:39 AM IST.  Asteroids pass by Earth regularly but it cannot be said that there is no threat associated with this.

NASA monitors the Asteroids which pass by Earth and I’m what speed and distance updating us all the details related to asteroids. Asteroids that are small are not a threat but the large space rocks will be observed by NASA. 


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