Georgette Lepaulle One of The Worlds Eldest Lady To Embrace Islam At 92.

  • Georgette Lepaulle is the oldest person who accepts Islam.
  • She becomes the oldest person who converted to Islam at the age of 92.
  • The month of Ramadan inspired Georgette.

Georgette Lepaulle is a 92-year-old woman from Belgium. She became the oldest revert in the world. In an interview she refused to shake hands with others, when asked about it she said that she will only touch her Husband.

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Mohammed is the neighbor of Georgette for the last 40 years. Mohammed and his family knew Georgette. She worked in a nursing home and When Georgette decided to quit it, she started to live with Mohammed’s family.

Georgette says that when she started to live with Mohammed’s family, she saw the oneness among them and how they prayed together and the way they interacted with each other. She witnessed a family that was the opposite of her family.

 Georgette spent the last Ramadan with Mohammed and his family in Morocco. She said that she was familiar with fasting as she belonged to a Catholic family but she was never connected with the religion. She used to smoke and drink alcohol every day.

She said that after joining Mohammed and his family for Ramadan she was surprised as she was able to connect with Allah. She prayed to Allah and asked Allah to help her. She then converted to Islam.

When she decided to convert to Islam, Muslim sisters helped her by washing her and she must give up on poke, Alcohol which she thought was not easy.

She said that she has always used Makeup but now she has stopped using it. She went to the mosque in Belgium to convert and her name was changed to Noor Islam.

She said that a person can receive guidance at any age and it’s never too late. She further said to read the Quran and the biography of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (P.B.U.H) to know more about Islam.

She mentioned that after she converted to Islam her daughter who is 72 years old did not talk to her.


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