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Delhi Riots: Around 50 Copies of the Holy Quran Burnt.


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Delhi Riots: Around 50 Copies of the Holy Quran Burnt.
  • During the Delhi riots, 50 copies of the Quran were burnt.
  • New Delhi experienced the worst situation during the riots.
  • A mosque was attacked during the riots.

A few weeks ago there were riots in New Delhi where it was seen mobs destroying vehicles, throwing stones, burning houses.

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Many people were shot dead and are missing, all these riots were carried out against Muslims as they were protesting against the Citizenship law. 

It was reported that mobs attacked the Mosque with stones and had put a hanuman flag on it. The police said that all these rumors were fake and no such thing has happened but people felt that police are wanted to try to cover the issue.

As per the sources, copies of the Quran were also burnt during the riots. When the mosque was attacked and burnt, the copies of the Quran were burnt along with it. 50 copies of the Quran were burnt.

The copies of the Quran were buried by the local Muslims when they were found burnt on the Mosque. Schools were also burnt and the property was destroyed during the riots.

Those who supported the Anti Muslim citizenship law had burnt everything that relates to Muslims and Islam. Many Muslims have been attacked.

Many Muslim residents left their homes with bags and their belongings due to the violence that was carried out.

There were partially burnt prayer mats seen in the mosque and torn pages from the Quran were seen outside the mosque.

The mosque was situated in Hindu Area but the people residing there said that they were not involved in that and it was done by outsiders. 

People from all over the world said that this situation clearly depicts how Muslims are targeted in India and how they are killed.

Some say that such acts must not be carried out and people should unite together and fight against such violence irrespective of their religion.



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