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Newzealand Christchurch Victim Speaks Out After 1Year.


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Newzealand Christchurch Victim Speaks Out After 1Year.
Christchurch terror shook the Muslim world.
  • A man from the viral photo from the terror attack in Christchurch speaks out.
  • Khaled Al Jamali is seen lifting his finger in Shahadah.
  • This was captured after the terror attack.

Terror attack in Christchurch New Zealand took place on 15 March 2019 where it was seen that two consecutive terror attacks took place in the mosque. It was reported that a total of 51 people were killed. It is regarded as the worst day in the history of New Zealand.

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The photo of a Man from Christchurch terror attack went viral where he can be seen lifting the index finger. The man named Khaled Al Jamali belonged to Gaza.

He said that he was not awake when the photo was taken. In the photo, he is seen raising his index finger which is raised at the time of Shahadah. It is raised to show the unity of God.

This photo went viral on Social media and Muslims all around the world said that it shows strength against the incident which took place.


There were rumors that the person who was seen in the photo was Al Harbi but Al Jamali said that the photo does not belong to Al Harbi, and said that Al Harbi was his friend from Saudi Arabia who was killed in the terror attack.

Al Jamali said that he lifted the index finger which is a sign of Muslims, he further said that he was unconscious during the time of the attack and was in pain and shock. He said that he had low blood pressure and he was almost unconscious.

When he lifted his finger he said that it was a sign from Allah and that Allah has made him a means to spread the message that Islam not a religion of killing.

The moment he lifted his finger showed that Islam will remain the highest and we need to have a pure heart when we meet Allah.

He said that his friend Al Harbi was a good person and he had a good heart and he wishes to meet him in paradise.


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