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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Temperarly Stops Praying In Mosques.


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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Temperarly Stops Praying In Mosques.

Saudi Arabia has ordered people to pray at home, this decision was taken on Tuesday. All the mosques in Country Saudi Arabia have been suspended temporarily.

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The two holy mosques in Mecca and Madinah have been exempted from this decision. These measures are taken in order to prevent people from gathering n control the spread of Coronavirus.

Saudi Arabia suspend praying in mosques

Kuwait changed the statement in Adhan which earlier stated “Come to Salah” and now it is replaced by “Pray at your home”. This was seen a few days back when the Adhan was heard.

Saudi Arabia also followed the same method of Adhan. This is believed to be included in a Hadith where it is stated by Ibn Abbas to his Muadhin to say “Salloo fee buyootikum” (Pray in your houses) instead of Hayyaa alas salaah. This was mentioned when there was heavy rain.

As it is prohibited for Coronavirus patients to visit the mosque it is advised to all the people to pray at their homes.

Both the holy mosques are visited by many Travelers from all around the world. This decision is taken to stop the spread of the virus in the region. The Friday prayers have also been suspended.

The Islamic Affairs Minister Abdulatif Al sheik stated that the mosque doors will remain open for praying over the dead and all the facilities for washing the dead will be open but only a few people will be allowed.

Along with this praying over the dead will not be allowed in the mosque but will be allowed in the cemetery.

All the countries are taking necessary measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus and avoid people gathering. It is advisable for people not to go out of their house then only this outbreak can be controlled.

Various countries also followed the same measure to temporarily suspended the prayers in the mosque and avoid people to meet with each other.


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