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Coronavirus: UAE Suspends Prayers in Mosques Across Country.


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Coronavirus: UAE Suspends Prayers in Mosques Across Country.
Fearing the spread of the Coronavirus UAE suspended Praying in mosques.

Coronavirus is creating CHAOS around the globe.

UAE on 16th March declared that all the Mosques across the country are suspended and will remain suspended temporarily until four weeks.

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After Saudi Arabia, it’s now UAE banning praying in Mosques.

All these measures are a precaution taken by the government to control the spread of Coronavirus.

The government will see the situation according to which it will decide whether to reopen the mosques or continue to close it.

All the measures by the UAE government are taken keeping in mind the well-being of the people within the country.

People are upset with the News.

The various measures taken by the UAE government in the suspension of issuing visas, stopping flights to Coronavirus affected countries, Tourists are not allowed, Cinema halls and malls, parks are all closed.

Along with this, it has been ordered to ban all wedding parties and people gatherings. Abu Dhabi has closed down tourist attractions.

All the gulf countries have followed the same measures to limit the human to human interaction. Apart from Mosques, temples and Churches are also closed down. A notice has been sent to suspend all the prayers.

UAE has reported 98 cases of Coronavirus, the first in the country was a family who traveled from Wuhan in the month of January. Out of these 26 people have been recovered in Emirates.

Islamic Affairs and Endowments.

The decision to suspend the prayers was taken by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments. 

The mosques will be open only to give Adhan in order to inform people about the prayer time but the Mosque doors will be closed.

Several videos on Social Media has been circulated where it can be shown that Adhan instructs people to pray in their houses.

Seeing the situation call to prayer was changed in Kuwait.

During the suspension of prayers that have been announced, the mosques are being cleaned and sterilized. The ablution halls at the mosques are also being cleaned. The ban will be lifted after seeing the situation.


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