Delhi riots: Pakistani Hindus Did Not Celebrate Holi.

Delhi riots: Pakistani Hindus Did Not Celebrate Holi.
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In Pakistan, representatives of the Hindu community decided not to celebrate Holi this year and protest against the riots which took place in Delhi, India.

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The riots took place in Delhi where many people have been killed, so the Hindus of Pakistan has decided to cancel the Holi event.

The Hindus in Pakistan decided to do so to express their solidarity and anger against the brutality which took place in Delhi against Muslims and how they have been killed.

The Muslim community has been targeted in the riots which led to the death of 53 people and many have been injured, property as well as Mosque has been targeted and destructed many homes.  The Hindus in Pakistan has started a march to protest against the injustice.

Pandit Mukesh who is the organizer of the march said that the decision to cancel all the events. The said that they will celebrate Holi without colors and joyfulness.

The Hindus in Pakistan has appealed to the United Nations to address the increasing violence which is being experienced by Muslims in India.

They hope that the Hindu brothers in India raise their voice against this injustice and fight against such oppression which is faced by Muslims.

The Hindu brothers in Pakistan have been appreciated. People on social media expressed their love towards the Hindus of Pakistan and Appreciated their efforts to give up celebrating Holi and understanding the pain of Muslim brothers in India.

They want Hindu Brothers in India to help Muslims in fighting for their rights and raise their voice against oppression.


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