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Coronavirus: Singapore and Kuwait Mosques to Close For FirstTime Ever.


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Coronavirus: Singapore and Kuwait Mosques to Close For FirstTime Ever.

Countries all around the world are taking the necessary steps to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Businesses are closing down and the stock market is facing loss.

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The cities are empty and the markets are closed down, people are fighting for masks and products which are necessary as the markets are all closing down. 

The two big masjids of the world in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina were recently closed. The pilgrims have been restricted and Umrah has been banned.

Singapore and Kuwait took necessary measures and ordered to close the mosques and advised people to pray at their homes.

There are almost 70 mosques in Singapore and all are closed. The Union Minister of state responded to the immediate need to close all the mosques from 13th March.

The various activities which are held in the mosque like teaching others to learn Quran are all stopped till 27h March.

Mosques are sanitized.

The mosques are being cleaned and necessary precautions are being taken before they will be reopened. All these measures are taken so that people are protected.

The chairman Mufti Nazirudin Mohammed Nasir said that it was not an easy decision, yet it has been taken to protect people from the virus.

Kuwait mosques.

Mosques in Kuwait have been closed and it has been ordered to the people to meet each other maintaining a distance. Muazzin who announces the message was seen crying while conveying the message to people to offer their prayers at home.

Italy is experiencing the worst condition. People are seen making fun of this situation but it is spreading quickly and people are not able to predict it.

Muslims offered prayer

Many people are offering prayers in Italy just like they offered prayers in Australia when the fire occurred. People are asking Allah for the forgiveness of their wrongdoings. 


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