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Queenie Padilla Filipino Actress Showbiz Star Embrace Islam.


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  • Filipino Actress converts to Islam.
  • She shares about it after she performed Haj in Makkah.
  • She decided to Quit Showbiz Career and follow Islam.
Queenie Padilla Filipino Actress Showbiz Star Embrace Islam.

Queenie Padilla was a Filipino singer and actress before she converted to Islam. She did a number of popular shows in the Philippines.

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She shared the news about her embracing Islam. She was seen wearing abaya without any Makeup when she was giving an interview to the Arab news.

Queenie converted to Islam when visited her mother in Australia. Her mother converted to Islam two months before Queenie embraced Islam.

Queenie shared how her mother wanted them to practice Islam and the sunnah. When she saw her mother she was surprised as she can see the glow on her mother’s face that Queenie never saw as a child. Her mother always talked about Islam and Queenie asked her about Wearing Hijab.

 Queenie often discussed Islam with her mother and questioned herself whether she was happy with her job or not. She wanted to learn more about Islam from her mother as Queenie felt that peace on her mother’s face. 

Queenie visited an international Philippines school in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She visited a Filipino woman there who was suffering from Cancer and wished to see Kaaba and convert to Islam.

This made Queenie realize that Sickness can hit us anytime and we should be prepared for this as a Muslim.

Queenie’s parents supported her decision to embrace Islam. Queenie wants to share more about Islam and wants to take up Islamic studies. She is seen more confident in conveying the message of Islam and she is not reserved anymore.

She performed Haj in Makkah and considered it as her rebirth and started to wear abaya. She wants to share Islam with her sister.

Before Queenie converted to Islam her father often told her to wear Hijab and offer Salah but she was not aware of why she was praying. She said that she was misguided but when she met her mother she got to know about Islam as the true religion.



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