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Myanmar Muslims Community Called For Unity and Offered Mosques To Help Fight Coronavirus.


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Myanmar Muslims Community Called For Unity and Offered Mosques To Help Fight Coronavirus.
  • Muslims offer Mosques to help people quarantine themselves.
  • All the religious buildings will be used to help people.
  • All the religious buildings will be converted into hospitals to treat people.

In Myanmar, the Muslim community has decided to collectively fight against Coronavirus. The secretary of Islamic Religious affair Tin Maung Than said that the Mosques in Myanmar will be used to fight against Coronavirus.

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As per the reports, there are about 1000 Mosques in Myanmar. The schools, Buildings, Hotels which are mostly owned by Muslim Businessmen will be used to keep the patients suffering from Coronavirus.

All the religious buildings in Myanmar will be converted into temporary hospitals to quarantine people. The people who came back from China, Thailand are said to self-quarantine themselves.

The secretary further said that this is a crucial time to be united and fight. In Myanmar 3 cases of Coronavirus have been reported.

A man from Myanmar who returned from the UK has been tested positive and is hospitalized. All the three patient of Coronavirus has travel history to the US and UK.

Thousands of People from Myanmar are returning back to Myanmar who were workers in China and Thailand is seen arriving through border gates.

500 people have been Quarantined till now in Myanmar. The virus which first was spread in China has now been spread to 190 countries till now which leads to Lockdown in many parts of the world.

Health authorities in Myanmar and other parts of the world have been on high alert. Every country has set measures that need to be followed in order to stop the spread of this virus.

The only way to stop the spread of this virus is to stay away from public gatherings and to quarantine people. All the mosques and religious sites can be used to treat people and quarantine people in those buildings.


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