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These 4 Muslim Minority Doctors From UK Are The First To Die Treating Coronavirus Patients.


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  • Doctors died in the UK due to Coronavirus.
  • They have died after they were treating patients suffering from Coronavirus.
  • The doctors helped people even after fighting for their life.
These 4 Muslim Minority Doctors From UK Are The First To Die Treating Coronavirus Patients.

In London, the four MUSLIM doctors named Alfa Saadu, Habib Zaidi, Adil El Tayar and Amged el Hawrani died while getting affected by Coronavirus and they were treating people who had Coronavirus.

The UK has paid tribute to real-life Heroes. The UK is now witnessing a shortage of medical staff. 29,474 people in the UK have been infected by Coronavirus.

The General Secretary of BIMA, British Islamic Medical Association said that these four doctors have given up their life serving people around them. The association further said that people need to stay in their houses.

As per the recent news, the medical staff whose Visas have expired their visas will be extended up to one year free of cost, this was announced by Home secretary Priti Patel. Amged el Hawrani was a throat consultant who belonged from Sudan.

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He was a doctor in England. He was helping the patients suffering from the virus but died as he had the symptoms of the virus. His remarkable dedication will be remembered forever.

Habib Zaidi belongs to Pakistan. He is a general practitioner who is 50 years of age. He was suffering from the virus for one week but he died as he was not able to survive in the intensive care unit. He did minor surgery just a few weeks before his health was affected.

Adil El Tayar worked in the intensive care unit and helped people suffering from the virus. He was affected because of this. British Ambassador paid tribute to his dedication and courage.

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Alfa Saadu was from Nigeria and former president of Nigeria paid tribute to him for his service and love towards people who were suffering and needed him. He died after getting affected by the virus.

These are the real Heroes who sacrifice their life for people to save them and protect them from facing any difficulty.


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