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24 Years later Muslim Airplane Cleaner Abu-Bakr Turns Pilot.


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Abu-Bakr who worked as an airplane cleaner for 24 Years becomes a pilot. It all started when he shared his dream with the managing director. His hard work finally paid off.

  • Mohammed Abu-Bakr becomes pilot after 24 years of hard work.
  • He worked as an airplane cleaner.
  • His strong dedication and hard work were the results that he could become a pilot.

Mohammed Abu-Bakr shows the world that if you have strong faith then everything is possible. Mohammed had this dream to become a pilot for 24 years and he was finally able to achieve it with hard work and dedication to achieve dreams.

He set an example that when people work hard they don’t lose hope and strive to achieve their dreams and goals.

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When did Abu-Bakr start working as an airplane cleaner?

24 years ago Abu-Bakr started to work as an airplane cleaner, this job was not what he had planned for. Mohammed went to Kaduna which is a state in northwest Nigeria to apply at Kaduna polytechnic.

He failed to apply at the right time and as a result, he was not selected. He was unemployed but he cannot live without having a job so he decided to take up the job of Cleaner in an Aircraft at Kabo Air. Abu-Bakr’s salary was only 0.5$ and everyone thought that he would not do this job.

But soon he was selected as ground staff at an airline in Maiduguri. He did all the work which was assigned to him and was regarded as an efficient and disciplined worker.

At Kabo Air, he got a chance to apply for a job as a crew member, after working for 8 years he then decided to move to Aero contractors as flight Attendant. Due to his hard work and experience, he was recognized by Deputy Managing Director.

His salary was N170,000  When he got his salary he returned it as he was not believing that his salary has been increased. Abu-Bakr did not spend his salary he decided to save it.

How did Abu-Bakr become a pilot from an airplane cleaner?

He shared his dream to become a pilot with the Managing Director. The director supported him and with this Mohammed was soon able to pay for the private pilot license in Canada.

After returning back to Nigeria he learned that a commercial pilot license is also needed but Mohammed didn’t have enough money. He took help from the Managing Director, as Mohammed was a loyal worker, The company helped him.

Where did Abu-Bakr complete his training?

They sent him to Canada and sponsored his training. After working in Aero contractors for 8 years Mohammed Abu-Bakr finally got his dream job, he got a job as a  captain in Azman Air. And finally, “24 Years later Muslim Airplane Cleaner Abu-Bakr Turns Pilot. Most of all, Mohammed never turned back and was always focused on achieving his goals.


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