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Kashmiri Mother 45 killed in front of her son


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Kounsar Sofi a 45-year-old Kashmiri was killed in front of her son. She was killed when the government forces opened fire at the vehicle in which she was traveling.

Kashmiri Mother 45 killed in front of her son
  • Kounsar Sofi was killed in Kashmir.
  • She was killed in front of her son.
  • The government forces opened fire at her vehicle due to which one bullet hit her and she died.

The mother killed in front of her son.

Kounsar Sofi who is 45 years of age from Kashmir was killed. This incident happened when Kounsar was getting ready to attend a wedding.

She was killed in front of her son. She stays in Firdousabad, Srinagar. She went to a bakery which is situated in Barapathar, Batamaloo to make bread in the bakery shop. She left her home at 3:30 in the morning.

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The incident took place when she was sitting in the passenger seat and her son was driving the vehicle. All of a sudden gunfight began And they saw the government forces at a distance.

Her son Sofi said that the government forces did not warn them before opening fire. As they fired at the vehicle One of the bullets hit Kounsar and she was dead on the spot said her son Sofi. Her son shared about it with the media and couldn’t stop his tears.

After the incident, there were many protests which took place and the news about her death went viral.

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Haseeb Mughal who is the SSP of Srinagar didn’t say anything in this matter and said that the IG and DG of Srinagar have restricted him to speak anything on this matter as he doesn’t have any mandate in this matter.

The residents said that the Indian forces Cordoned off the area after 2:00 Am and Kounsar was killed at 3:45 Am. Many believed that they wanted to kill her.


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