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Nashville Volleyball Player Disqualified for wearing hijab


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The Muslim Volleyball player has been Disqualified over uniform rule as the player was wearing Hijab. The Muslim Advisory Council wants a revocation of such rule.

Nashville Volleyball Player Disqualified for wearing hijab
  • Muslim Nashville Volleyball Player Najah Aqeel Disqualified.
  • The reason for her disqualification was the hijab.
  • It is said that she violated the uniform rule which is why she was disqualified.

Nashville Volleyball Player Disqualified for wearing hijab

Najah Aqeel a Nashville Volleyball player disqualified for wearing a hijab. It is said that she broke the uniform rule and was disqualified.

The American Muslim Advisory Council is making attempt In order to revoke such rule. Najah Aqeel was disqualified by a referee when a match was going against Brentwood Academy and said that the uniform rule was not followed.

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The AMAC executive director Sabina Mohyuddin said that Aqeel has been playing games while wearing a hijab and there was no such incident that took place.

She said that why is there a barrier if a Muslim girl wants to participate in sports and wants to follow the Constitutional right?.

She further said that there should not be any such rule during this age and religious barriers must not be there when sports are being played. A 14-year-old girl was humiliated in front of everyone pointing towards her hijab.

The Volleyball rule book stated that any hair device made up of soft material, Bobby pins, flat clips, flat barrettes are all allowed. The Tennessee Secondary school Athletic Association said that an exception can be made if the administration of the school requests with the state association.

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Aqeel has requested and permission was granted to her. AMAC wants TSSAA to change the rule relates to Headwear as it is discriminating girls based on their religion.TSSAA has made exceptions for the purpose of religious reasons said the officials.

Earlier it was seen that girls wearing hijab were never discriminated or stopped or was never disqualified from being part of the sports but now it is seen that based on religion there are barriers which are being set but following religion must never be a barrier for someone to participate in sports and follow their dreams. It is the talent which matters and not the appearance or uniform


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