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Uk Muslim Cop Dives Into Freezing Water To Save A Life, Even Though he could not swim Himself.


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  • Muslim cop dives into the water to save a man from drowning.
  • The cop says that he cannot swim.
  • He was appreciated by Manchester Police. 

Mohammed Nadeem who is a police officer in Manchester dived 8 Ft into a freezing river even though he could not swim. Mohammed Nadeem is a student officer.

When he saw the man drowning he just could not see this and had to jump and Nadeem said that he had spent almost 25 minutes on the freezing cold river.

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Mohammed Nadeem said that he had to bring the person out of the river and he did that. He said that he is not a good swimmer.

He further said that the moment he saw the man he thought that he might not survive and must be saved. The student officer was appreciated by Manchester Police.

This incident was captured on Nadeem’s body camera where it can be seen that he jumped into the river to save the man.

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Supt Rick Jackson of Manchester Police said that Nadeem jumped into Freezing and deep river. He said that this is why people join the force to protect people and save them. Nadeem has been named as Hoff by his colleagues.  

Actor David Hasselhoff praised Nadeem for his bravery. The actor said that one man can make a difference and police officer Mohammed Nadeem has made a difference.

He wanted to meet the hero Nadeem.  PC Nadeem said that he wanted to meet the original Hoff. He said that he is happy that people appreciated him. The US star praising Mohammed Nadeem is huge.

Mohammed Nadeem has been hailed as a hero after he saved a person’s life. The man who was drowning is safe and receiving treatment. The rescue service said that the river was in flood and was deep. 

When Nadeem came out of the river he was so cold that they had to put a blanket on him. He was shivering when he was in the ambulance as the water was freezing.



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