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Israel: Muslim And Jewish Paramedics Prayed Together In The Times Of Coronavirus.


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Israel: Muslim And Jewish Paramedics Prayed Together In The Times Of Coronavirus.
Google / CNN
  • Muslim and Jewish Paramedics prayed together.
  • As they were busy with their work they took a break.
  • Both the paramedics prayed together which was captured and shared on social media.

Muslim paramedics Named Zoher Abu Jama and Jewish paramedics named Avraham Mintz was receiving a call from people to help them.

While they both were attending a 77-year-old man they received a call from a 41-year-old woman from south Israel stating that she was facing the respiratory problems and wanted them to help her.

Magen David Adom is an emergency service in Israel and both were busy with their work. They knew that they might receive more calls.

In the afternoon they took some time to pray. Avraham Mintz who is a Jewish Paramedic was seen wearing a white and black shawl and he was facing Jerusalem and praying.

Abu Jama who is a Muslim Paramedic faced Makkah (Kaaba) and was praying on his prayer mat. He was seen sitting on his prayer mat and Avraham was seen standing. Both of them were praying together in front of their Service van.

This picture was taken by their Co-worker and posted it on social media. This picture was an inspiration for people who are facing difficult situations due to Coronavirus.

This news was even covered Internationally. Abu Jama serves Community and left his job of driving instructor. Both the Paramedics do all the work right from helping people to Collecting blood for donations, test corona patients, Attends people immediately after receiving the call.

This picture was taken as an inspiration because people felt that there is a unit that is being visible. Even though they belong to different religions they still take time to pray and work and show unity which is needed during this period.


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