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Iran: Around 300 People Died And 1000 are Sick After Drinking Methanol Beliving It Will Cure Coronavirus.


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Iran: Around 300 People Died And 1000 are Sick After Drinking Methanol Beliving It Will Cure Coronavirus.
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  • Muslims in Iran drank Methanol.
  • They believed that it can cure Coronavirus.
  • Such rumors caused them to die.

In Iran, 300 people have died after drinking Methanol. Methanol is a toxic colorless, volatile flammable Alcohol which is made by oxidizing Methane.

More than 1000 people are sick after drinking Methanol. Iran has been among those countries who had observed many cases of Coronavirus and many people have been dead.

On Friday the Health Ministry of Iran reported that more than 480 people have been dead and 2,850 people are sick.

People in Iran drank Methanol by believing a rumor to be true that Methanol can cure Coronavirus. This rumor has been spread on Social media where it was suggested that people should drink it if they want to protect themselves from this virus.

In Iran Methanol has been banned as it is alcohol which is Haram in Islam. Iran health Ministry said that they have to face two problems, one is the virus and the other is the people who drank Methanol.

Now Iran is treating both the people who are affected by Coronavirus and those who consumed Methanol.

The consumption of alcohol can sanitize the digestive system, this has been reported in the message which people took seriously. People did this fearing the virus.

Even though Alcohol is banned in the country it is made available by a few people. This alcohol can cause brain damage and a person can go in coma.

People are dying more in number due to Methanol than due to Coronavirus in Iran. A health care worker pleaded to people not to drink Alcohol.

A boy became bling after his parents gave him Methanol to drink it and after that he became blind. Such rumors must not be shared and believed. Rumors which are circulated on social media must not be shared further and people should not believe such rumors where it can cost them their life.


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