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18 Worst Hurricanes Storms Are On its Way, Accuweather.


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18 Worst Hurricanes Storms Are On its Way, Accuweather.
  • As per the forecast, there will be 18 storms this year.
  • Out of 18 storms, 9 storms will be hurricanes and two to four storms might become major hurricanes.
  • Storms might hit the US as per forecasters.

This year there will be 18 Storms as per Forecaster which will hit the US. The hurricane season begins from June 1st and will remain till 30th November.

Forecaster Dan Kottlowski expects that there will be 14-18 storms this year. It has been witnessed that in 2019 there has been above average activity in the Atlantic basin and this year it will be the same.

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Hurricane season this year will be the fifth year with above-normal tropical activity. Meteorologist from Accuweather said that there will be 14-18 storms out of which 7-9 will be hurricanes, 2-4 Major Hurricanes are expected.

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2-4 hurricanes will hit US this year. As per the forecaster Dan Kottlowski there will be at least 12 storms every year but this year will be the above-normal season.

1969 has been recorded as the worst hurricane season. In 2019 there were 18 storms which included Hurricane Dorian, which caused $11 billion damage.

Hurricane Katrina which occurred in 2005 has been the worst storm resulting in 1,800 deaths and destroyed New  Orleans. This year the US will be affected by these storms.

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The storms might hit the US causing impact. There are different names used for the storms which are predicted to occur this year.

Arthur, Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly,  Edouard, Fay, Gonzalo, Hanna, Isaias, Josephine, Kyle, Laura, Marco, Nana, Omar ( unused), Paulette (unused), Rene (Unused), sally (unused), Teddy (unused), Vicky (Unused),  Wilfred (unused) are the names of storms this year.

As it is difficult to track the unnamed storm, Meteorologist from the US has started to use names for storms and cyclones So that if there are two storms happening at the same time the names can be used to identify them.


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