HomeNewsBreaking: Powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake hits Russia's the Far East on 24 March.

Breaking: Powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake hits Russia’s the Far East on 24 March.


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Breaking: Powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake hits Russia's the Far East on 24 March.
  • Earthquake hits the Kuril Islands in Russia.
  • Earthquake strikes with a magnitude of 7.5 after which Tsunami warning was given.
  • The Tsunami warning was later canceled.

On Wednesday an earthquake with 7.5 Magnitude hits Russia’s Kuril Islands. After the Earthquake, the Pacific Tsunami warning was given by the US Geological Survey.

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In Japan, the meteorological officials did not issue any alert but they said that there will be tidal changes. The Earthquake hit with a depth of 37 miles, the epicenter was 136 Miles Southeast of Severo Kurilsk and 870 Miles Northeast of Japan.

Pacific Tsunami alert was given soon after the Earthquake. Japan, Russia, Coasts of Hawaii, wake Island and Northern Mariana were the alert covering regions.

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As per the Japan Meteorological Association, there were some tidal changes but there is no risk of Tsunami. The Earthquake was felt in Tokyo, Hokkaido, Aomori, and Miyagi.

The waves of Tsunami were “less than 0.3 meters above the tide level”. It was further reported that there is no threat to Tsunami in the regions of Japan and Russia anymore.

In 2006 an Earthquake hit the Kuril Islands with a magnitude 8.3 followed by a Tsunami that affected parts of California and the Japanese coast.


There have been no reports of Casualties. As per the reports given by The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center ( PTWC), Tsunami waves within 1,000 Km of Earthquake epicenter is can be seen. But later only small waves were seen. Usually, an earthquake of this size generates Tsunami

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The Kuril chain consists of 4 Islands named Habomai, Shikotan, Etorofu and Kunashiri which was divided between Moscow and Tokyo after the Second World War.

The US National Tsunami center was updated about the level of danger for the US west coast due to Tsunami. Now the Kuril Islands are known as Northern Territories in Japan.


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