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China Reopened Markets And Started Selling Bats, Cats, and Dogs.


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  • Chinese markets started to sell live animals.
  • The markets have been reopened after there was Coronavirus which was spread in China.
  • There were reports that Coronavirus has been spread from bats.
China Reopened Markets And Started Selling Bats, Cats, and Dogs.

China who was the first country to be affected by Coronavirus. China has again reopened the markets and started to sell bats, cats, dogs. They are selling live animals. 

The country suffered most of the cases of coronavirus. Many people have been dead in China. They said that they have defeated Coronavirus and restarted the selling of these animals. 

These markets are known as wet markets where there are cats and dogs in cages who are slaughtered and sold to the people.

These markets were closed in January due to Coronavirus as there was evidence that Coronavirus came from bats as people eat them, the virus was transferred to them.

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They again sold these bats as usually continuing their trade. People were not allowed to capture any picture in the market and was stopped by the security.


This was witnessed for the first time. Another news that was spread on social media was shared by a columnist that a shop in China sold bats, spiders, snakes, scorpions for sale and said that it is a medicine for many diseases. There are reports that China has lied about the number of Coronavirus cases.

A video has been shared on social media where bats were sold live and people wearing masks were buying them.

People in China are not afraid and continue to eat animals that are claimed to spread Coronavirus. Yet they want to eat such animals.

Few Chinese people eat animals without cooking them. They even share such videos on Tiktok and believe that they stay healthy by eating raw meat And do not cook the meat sometimes.


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