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He Is Alive, Fake News Was Spread Across Social Media About A Indonesian Doctor Lost His Life Treating Coronavirus Patients.


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  • Recently a photo of an Indonesian Doctor and his kids had been shared on social media.
  • The photo which was shared in social media does not belong to the Indonesian doctor.
  • The photo was shared by the Malaysian Facebook user.
Fake News Was Spread Across Social Media About A Indonesian Doctor Lost His Life Treating Coronavirus Patients.

  As  COVID-19 has spread in different parts of the world there has been a lot of videos about how people are facing the situation.

Recently there were photos that went viral on social media where it has been claimed that the doctor belongs from Indonesia and said goodbye to his children standing near the gate before he died but as per the latest news this picture does not belong to an Indonesian man.

 This picture was shared by a Facebook user named Ahmed Effendi Zailanudin who is from Malaysia. Zailanudin is the brother of the person standing near the gate.

Zailanudin captioned the picture saying that his brother is a doctor and he treats people suffering from coronavirus and that is the reason he stays away from his children and family.

 Previously the man in the picture has been named Hadiyo Ali from Indonesia. This news is true that Hadiyo Ali died but the man standing in the picture is not Hadiyo Ali.

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Many people shared the picture soon after it was spread on social media. Zailanudin said that his brother is alive and not dead. The image which was shared previously was false.

This was known by Alt news first who searched the image on Google and found that it belongs to a Malaysian user and was posted on social media on March 21st. Pama magazine confirmed the same news.

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The news these days are not properly confirmed and people believe the rumors and spread them. Recently in Iran, a rumor about drinking alcohol to protect themselves from coronavirus was spread which was opted by people resulting in the death of many people.


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