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Delhi Tablighi Markaz: We Did Not Violate Law, Was Forced To Accommodate Visitors Due To Sudden Lockdown In Country.


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  • Tablighi Jamaat says that they followed orders given by PM.
  • They said that they did not violate any orders.
  • They were forced to accommodate themselves as they cannot go out.

Tablighi Jamaat’s headquarters Markaz Nizamuddin has been blamed for violating the orders given by PM. They were blamed that they did not follow the rules.

Delhi Tablighi Markaz: We Did Not Violate Law, Was Forced To Accommodate Visitors Due To Sudden Lockdown In Country.

Tablighi Jamaat has clarified that they did not violate any rules and orders as stated by PM. A Lockdown was announced suddenly they were forced to stay on the premises as they cannot go outside the premise.

The Janata curfew laid down rules that people will stay in their homes and they should stay where ever they are and all the transport facilities have been stopped.

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As Lockdown was declared by Chief minister from 23rd March to 31st March they cannot travel but they allowed 1500 people to go to their homes through transportation which as available to them.

They then decided not to go out and stay together in the building. There was a notice that from 24th March all the Markaz premises should be closed but they said that 1500 people have left for their houses and 1000 people are still in the building.

There were reports that they requested for the arrangement of vehicles so that they can make the other 1000 People reach their houses. As per reports Coronavirus has spread any people who attended the Jamaat.

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The people who were accommodated are now quarantined and F.I.R has been registered against the organizer of Jamaat.

The Jamaat issued a statement that they could not find any help and even waited for transportation. They even called the drivers and send them their location but could not get any response.

They said that they were forced to do so as on one hand they cannot go out and on another hand, they need to follow the orders to stay where they are.


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