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Mantasha Idrisi AMU Scholar, Selected To Attend 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meet.


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  • Mantasha Idrisi will attend 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate this year.
  • She is a research scholar.
  • She has done a PhD in chemistry and was selected among 20 Indians to attend the meeting.
Mantasha Idrisi AMU Scholar, Selected To Attend 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meet.

Aligarh Muslim university’s student Mantasha Idrisi has done a Ph.D. from the department of chemistry.

Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting is a meeting where young scientists from different parts of the world are invited. This prestigious event selected Mantasha Idrisi to attend the meeting.

A total of 660 scientists have been selected from different parts of the world. These young scientists were selected from 101 countries in the world.

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Out of 660 scientists, 20 Indian scientists were selected. These 20 scientists will present their work In front of the Nobel Laureates. 

Mantasha was happy that she got this opportunity and said that she will discuss Her research work with others in the meeting. She said that she will learn a lot while sharing it with other scientists about her research.

Being selected for this meeting is a great opportunity for a scientist as they will get recognized for their work. Many Nobel Prize Winners had attended this meeting.

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They received Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine. They shared their ideas during the meet. Lindau Meeting will be held in Germany this year.

Mohammad Adnan a Ph.D. student who studied B.SC was selected in the 69th Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting last year and topped it M.SC examinations.

This year too the 70th Meeting will be held where different scientist will share their work in different fields and will share their ideas with others. This will help them to gain more knowledge in their field and will be helpful to them for their future projects. 

Such opportunities are only given to those students who excel in their studies. It gives them global recognition which sets forward a remarkable journey


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