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Kashmiri Lady Donates Her Hajj Savings 5 Lakh Rupees To PM Fund To Fight Coronavirus.


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  • Muslim women donated Her hajj savings to the COVID fund.
  • She decided to help others during this situation.
  • She is not able to perform hajj due to the present scenario.
Kashmiri Lady Donates Her Hajj Savings 5 Lakh Rupees To PM Fund To Fight Coronavirus.

A woman who belongs to Jammu and Kashmir donated 500,000 to COVID 19 fund. It is said that she saved this amount to perform Hajj. She then donated the amount in order to help others.

Hajj pilgrimage is organized for people every year and to perform hajj is one of the pillars of Islam. It is done with utmost sincerity. Khalida begum who donated the amount wanted to do hajj this year.

As hajj might not happen this year she decided to donate that amount. Saving money is not easy especially when you want to perform hajj, which involves hard-earned money, Khalida decided to donate it which is remarkable work done by her.

Khalida is the daughter in law of Colonel Peer Mohd khan who is the president of Jana Sangh. She completed her education from an English Medium school and became one of the few educated women.

Khalida who is 87 years of age has been appreciated for her decision and the step she has taken. She even helped women in Kashmir. Khalida’s son Farooq khan is an IPS retired officer.

She showed what a person needs to do during such situations. She became an inspiration for those people who saved their money for performing hajj but could not do it due to the present condition. She felt that helping people who are in need was more important than keeping that money with herself.

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The world needs more people like Khalida who are ready to help others and think about the well being of people. She might be saving the money for hajj with all the happiness but she witnessed the suffering of other people and gave them a priority. Many people help others as Humanity comes first and to help others and do charity is the utmost importance in Islam.



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