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Dalit woman raped And Murdered by 4 men


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19 year old was gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh, India. She died after two weeks of her being in a hospital and fighting for her life. The woman was tortured and raped by men in her village. She was brutally tortured and had several injuries on her body.

  • 19 years old girl raped in Uttar Pradesh.
  • She was fighting for her life for two weeks and died.
  • The persons responsible had tortured her to such an extent that her tongue was chopped off.

Outrage in Uttar Pradesh after Gang rape victim died

A girl from Uttar Pradesh was raped and brutally tortured on September 14th. She was admitted to the hospital where she died after two weeks. She was a Dalit woman and four men raped her who were from the upper caste.

She is from a village in a district called Hathras which is in Uttar Pradesh. She had several injuries and there were injuries in her spinal cord. Her tongue was chopped off by the four men. She was shifted to a hospital in Delhi.

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Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav tweeted that the girl died today due to gang rape and torture, the government is not sensitive towards the crimes which are taking against women. Former Chief Minister Mayawati said that there should be strict action taken by the government.

The girl’s father requested that the culprits must be hanged. When the girl went to the field she was grabbed and raped by the four men. The main culprit’s name is Sandeep who was arrested. Later all three others were also arrested when the victim gave a statement.

The girl was cremated by the police officers as there is a lockdown. The family was disturbed by the news about the death of their child. They wanted to cremate her as per the traditions but was not able to.

The father of the girl said that he requested the police to allow them to cremate her in the morning but the police cremated her and the family was not able to see her.

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The girl has given a statement about the rape incident which took place after one week of her being admitted in the hospital. Priyanka Gandi from the congress party said that culprits are openly committing crimes and there is no protection. There are many cases of rape in India and it is reported that every 15 minutes a woman in India is raped as per 2018 data.


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