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Indian Muslims Feel Abandoned.


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Indian Muslims Feel Abandoned.

Muslims in India feel abandoned after the decision on Babri Masjid was declared. Recently the special court has declared that all the people accused of demolishing Babri masjid are not involved and there is no evidence against them.

  • After the decision of Babri masjid was declared Muslims of India feel abandoned.
  • The court declared that people who were accused in the Babri masjid case are not at fault.
  • The court declared that the demolition was not pre-planned.


On Wednesday the court declared a decision on the Babri Masjid case. The court gave a verdict that 32 people who were accused of the demolition of the mosque in the year 1992 are not involved in it.

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There was no evidence found against them and all the accused were acquitted. Supreme Court last year declared that it had been a calculated act and violation of the rule of law.

Muslims in India feel pushed into a cornered and humiliated. Asaduddin Owaisi said that we are abandoned by those who we trusted. He said that its time we democratically fight against the humiliation which was taking place.

He even says not to lose hope in Allah’s justice. Muslims were blamed for spreading coronavirus in India when Muslim groups attended religious gatherings. Many were accused and called them with different names.

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Many students were arrested after the protest against citizenship law which took place in Delhi. Asim Ali who is a research associate says that Muslims in India re losing faith and are feeling cornered, they feel that the media and political parties are failing them. 

Muslims are called as anti-national. In India, only 8% of Muslims out of the 14% of the population had jobs and are given a regular salary as per one report. There is powerlessness being experienced by Muslims as there are anxieties being deepened.


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