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Muslim activist shot dead in Kashmir


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Babar Qadri who is the Muslim activist and Advocate has been shot dead in Kashmir. He was shot in his home. He was shot in his head, said his family. He was in his house which is in Srinagar.

  • Human Rights activist Babar Qadri shot dead.
  • He was killed in his own house.
  • He was shot in his head by the killers.

Babar Qadri Muslim activist shot dead in Kashmir

Babar Qadri Muslim Activist and advocate who is of 40 years of age has been shot dead in his house. He was shot in his head when he was in his house in Srinagar. The attackers are still unidentified reported to the police officers.

In Srinagar, there is tight security implemented since last year. The region of Srinagar has seen many Muslims being killed for the past few days by unknown people.

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As per the New York Times, Babar’s death is related to political Assassination. Babar said that he received death threats. He even tweeted on twitter saying that People have been accusing him and Police should investigate these people.

Omar Abdullah The former Chief Minister tweeted about the death of Babar Qadri and said that his warning about the threat was the last tweet done by him and it is very tragic.

He often spoke about the violence which took place in Kashmir. His 4-year-old daughter asked about him and his wife replied that he went to perform Hajj.

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His family said that the attack took place in his house which was in Srinagar. The attackers shot him in his head. He even tweeted about the threats which he was getting but then this tragic incident took place.

She spoke about justice and often raised his voice and kept his opinions strongly. He was buried after his family members bid farewell.


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