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Melanie Georgiades, the French Rapper Converted to Islam


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French Rapper Melanie Georgiades who is also known as Diam’s convert to Islam. She is an infamous rapper who was troubled about her life and was feeling Unfulfilled. She then found happiness and meaning with Islam.

  • Diam who is known as Melanie Georgiades converted to Islam.
  • She is an infamous French rapper.
  • She was feeling troubled with her life and Islam gave her happiness.

Melanie Georgiades, the French Rapper Converted to Islam

French Rapper Melanie Georgiades converted to Islam. She recently appeared on a TV show wearing a hijab. She surprised everyone by appearing in the TV show wearing a hijab as in French there is a lot of debate going on related to hijab and veil, this step taken by Melanie Georgiades surprised her fans.

She has changed a lot and her look is completely changed after she converted to Islam. For many years she did not make any public appearances.

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She then attended a TV interview and talked about her past. She shared how she dealt with drugs and was in a Mental Asylum and how she was hallucinating Narcotics.

Melanie said that she got to know about Islam when she first saw her friend praying. She said that she converted to Islam after she understood the religion and read about Quran.

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She said that she is moving away from drugs. It has been one year since she got married and is blessed with a baby. She was asked about the niqab being banned in France, she replies that she is not hurt by the criticism. She said that she is hurt by the judgments made by people.

She said that she wears a hijab considering it as divine advice and she even wears it as it makes her happy and that is what matters to her. She said about the stardom that she has converted to Islam and it brought her comfort.

She said that stardom does not fit in her life. She was addicted to drugs and one of her friends said to her that she was going to pray and then Melanie said that she wants to pray too.

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When she offered the prayer the moment she touched her forehead on the ground she felt connected and then said that kneeling in Prayer must be done to Allah only and not anyone else.

She is not reading Quran and said that one should not speak about Islam if they do not really know about it.


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