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Google And Apple Maps Removed Palestine From Map.


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Muslims protest against Google who has removed Palestine from the Google Maps. As per claims Both Google and Apple have removed Palestine from Maps. This news has been declared true.

Google And Apple Maps Removed Palestine From Map.
  • Google and Apple have removed Palestine from Google Maps
  • People have protested against this decision taken by Google.
  • The News has been declared as true and Palestine was not found on Google Maps

Palestine removed from Google Maps.

Palestine is being removed from Google Maps. When people got to know about this they were shocked and did not believe the news. When checked the news was true and Palestine has been removed from Google Maps.

Few claimed that Apple too has removed Palestine from the Maps. The Maps Now show Israel, Jerusalem, and not Palestine. Google has not yet responded to why they have removed Palestine from the Maps.

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In the year 2016 Google has done the same. It has removed Palestine from the Maps back then. Even in 2018, Palestine was removed from the Maps. Many protests from the people have made Google take back their decision.

This year the latest update shows only Israel and Jerusalem and there is no Palestine found on the map. People on social media expressed anger about this and said that everyone must not stop talking about this and should raise awareness about it till Palestine brothers and sisters are given freedom.

Many people said that they couldn’t believe that something like this could even happen. There were tweets to put Palestine back on Map. Many Muslim leaders have been working hard to give the people of Palestine their rights and freedom.

The president of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan said that he is working to liberate Al Aqsa Mosque. The worshippers in the Al Aqsa mosque have been removed as Israel has claimed that it belongs to Israel.

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This Step taken by Google has shocked people all over the world. People on social media said that if constantly being protested against this then surely google might put Palestine back on the map.

Many people are now Joining the protest which started on social media to show their support to the people of Palestine.


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