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Kashmiris Locked at Home, Are Using Social Media to Spark Progressive Conversations.


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The youth of Kashmir are chasing child predators using social media. In order to find to what extent Pedophilia is in Kashmir, three engineering students have done a social experiment.

Kashmiris Locked at Home, Are Using Social Media to Spark Progressive Conversations.
  •  The youth of Kashmir has decided to do a social experiment.
  •  The lockdown has made people in Kashmir find out to what extent Pedophilia is spread in Kashmir.
  •  The three engineers have done A Remarkable job.

Kashmiri’s are moving towards progressive shift using social media.

Kashmiris are you doing a remarkable job during this lockdown by using social media to trace the extent to which pedophilia is spread in Kashmir.

Three engineering students named Mohammed Furan, Adnan Mir, and Mohammad Hisham has decided to explore the extent of pedophilia in Kashmir.

When they got to know that their friend’s sister who is a minor has been harassed by a man on Instagram they decided to know more about search people who have girls and women on social media.

The engineering students have planned to know about the abuser. Their female friend who is 30 years of age has helped them in this. She has agreed to give them the picture which was used by the engineering trio to make it look like a year old girl.

They edited her picture. The trio created many such photographs. It took them two to three days to create and work on this plan. When they uploaded the photo on social media many messages were received from men who wanted to do friendship with the girl.

Many men send pictures to the girl. The men also send pictures of their private parts. They were shocked to see how society is being indulged and was shocked to see such a response.

They shared a video on YouTube about the same which was shared on other social media accounts. They even received threats from people. They said that they did this to reflect on the child sex abuse which is taking place in society.

Husain also shared a video on social media reflecting on the sexual harassment within the Kashmir society. This shows how women have been facing abuse on social media which also portraits what the society is actually reflecting.

The work done by engineering students is remarkable and appreciated by many. After this incident, many Kashmiri youths are coming forward to know more about such situations and are using daytime during this lockdown on valuable things.


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