HomeNewsPope Francis, expressed sadness after Turkey's decision on the Hagia Sophia mosque.

Pope Francis, expressed sadness after Turkey’s decision on the Hagia Sophia mosque.


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Pope Francis expressed sadness during the weekly Angelus prayer on Sunday. He remained silent for a few minutes when he discussed Hagia Sophia. Hagia Sophia has been converted into a mosque and prayers will be held there.

Pope Francis, expressed sadness after Turkey's decision on the Hagia Sophia mosque.
  •  Hagia Sophia has been converted into a mosque.
  •  Pope Francis Express the sadness as Hagia Sophia has been finally converted to a mosque.
  •  Hagia Sophia was a Heritage site earlier.

Pope Francis expressed sadness after Turkey converted Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Pope Francis expressed that the decision to convert Hagia Sophia into a Mosque has made him sad. He Expressed Silence during the weekly Angeles prayers on Sunday.

Hagia Sophia has been converted to a Mosque after the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has ordered to transfer the building into a mosque, previously it was a Heritage site. Countries like the UK, Greece, and France have been against this decision.

The building was first constructed in the 6th Century by Cathedral and in the 15th century, it was made into a mosque when Muslim rule was established in Turkey. After 1934 it was converted into a museum. People from around the world used to visit Turkey to see the Heritage site.

The building has images of people and images to be displayed in the mosque is Forbidden in Islam. So these images will be covered by curtains. The images include display the Byzantine Christian mosaics and this was shared on Turkish TV.

President Tayyip Erdogan said that after the prayers are finished the paintings will be uncovered and there won’t be any fees for entering into Hagia Sophia.

As the doors off mosque are open for all, the doors of Hagia Sophia will be opened to all irrespective of their religion said the president.

The Director-General Audrey said that Hagia Sophia is a Masterpiece are it forms a source of interaction between Europe and Asia. It reflects the Heritage of Turkey.

Prayers in Hagia Sophia will commence from the last week of July. The recitation of the Quran will also take place. Christians from around the world have been against this decision.

Pope Francis was against this decision and was sad after the declaration of Hagia Sophia being converted into a mosque. The people of Turkey support the decision taken by the President of Turkey the Tayyip Erdogan. Many people believe that this decision was taken as there will be elections held in the year 2023.


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