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Hagia Sophia(Blue Mosque) To Be Turned InTo Mosque After 80 Years.


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Hagia Sophia which is located in turkey will now be converted to a mosque as this was approved by Turkey’s Top court. This news was confirmed by Turkish Columnist Abdulkadir Seli. The place will be converted to a mosque where regular prayers will take place.

Hagia Sophia(Blue Mosque) To Be Turned InTo Mosque After 80 Years.
  • Hagia Sophia will now be converted to a Mosque.
  • The high court of turkey has passed approval for converting it to Mosque.
  • The place will become a Mosque where prayers will be held and Quran recitation will take place.

Hagia Sophia to be converted to Mosque.

Hagia Sophia which is in Turkey, Istanbul will now be converted to a Mosque. This decision was taken by the high court and was approved after signatures were taken. The signatures have been completed and it was finally approved.

The decision was first taken by Tayyip Erdogan who is the president of Turkey. He said that Hagia Sophia will be converted to a mosque where prayers and Quran recitation will take place.

This was declared on Thursday by a columnist named Abdulkadir Seli. Abdulkadir Seli shared how many people were against this but the people of turkey supported this decision.

Christians were against this decision as it was a Greek Orthodox Church till 1453. But then when the turkey was under the Ottoman ruse it changed. In the year 1934, it was then converted to a tourist spot as ordered by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is the founder of Modern Turkey.

The Christians all around the world and many officials from the US, Russia, and Europe was against this decision. Many people called it a political step taken for the upcoming elections in the year 2023.

Hagia Sophia is now a heritage site. Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew who is the leader of 300 Million Orthodox Christians said that there will be a tension between Muslims and Christians if Hagia Sophia is converted to a Mosque.

Turkey’s president Erdogan said that it is the sovereign right of turkey to take the decision. Erdogan declared that he will convert Hagia Sophia to a mosque in 2018 but his decision was criticized. In 1934 the secular government of Turkey decided to make it a museum.

On Thursday Erdogan has converted Hagia Sophia to a Mosque soon after the court approved the decision of converting it to a Mosque and it is open for people to worship there and offer prayers. The prayers will begin on 24th July.


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