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How These Muslim Women Made America Great.


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Even though Muslims face many Islamophobic comments and hatred a few American Muslim women have made America great with their kindness and shining personalities.

How These Muslim Women Made America Great.
  •  A list of Muslim women who made America great in 2016 includes remarkable personalities.
  •  These Muslim women made America great with their work, dedication, and kindness.

These Muslim women made America great by their achievements.

Ilhan OmarSomali American law maker
Ibtihaj MuhammadOlympic Medal Winner
Linda SarsourMuslim Activist
Ghazala KhanMother of American soldier
Rana Abdel HamidFounder of Women’s Initiative for self empowerment.
Noor TagouriTV anchor
Zainab AbdullahSelf defense instructor and Muslim activist
Halime AdenAmerican fashion Model

1. Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar born in Somalia is 33 years old. She is Nation’s first Somalia American lawmaker. She came to the United States when she escaped the Civil War. She had to stay in a Refugee camp for 4 years. She is now the director of women organizing women. She runs a campaign that stated standing up for Americans irrespective of their faith. Omar said that we should constantly strive for justice for all and we should work on it.

2. Ibtihaj Muhammad

Wikipedia: Ashley Graham

 She won the Olympic medal in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. She was the first American Muslim who competed in the Olympic games. Ibtihaj said that do Muslims are always under the microscope she is honored to represent Muslim women and black women.

3. Ghazala Khan

B. Allen/VOA

Ghazala is the mother of  Humayun who was the captain in the US Army. When Trump made a call to ban Muslims Khizr khan who is the father of Humayun spoke against Trump. Ghazala said that she is a Gold Star mother this inspired many Muslims in America.

4. Rana Abdel Hamid

 She is the founder of the women initiative for self-empowerment.  She motivates Muslim women. She created a photography series name as hijabis of New York. She even conducts workshops to help Muslim women learn Self defense and to stand up for themselves.

5. Zaineb Abdullah

Zaineb is a self-defense inspector she also works as a president for deaf planet souls which helps deaf people.  She motivates people and helps them to learn how to self-defense.

6. Halima Aden

She competed in Miss Minnesota competition in Muslim attire and reached Semi Finale. She is a Somali American who presented herself in Burkin in a USA pageant by covering herself. She is the first Muslim who participated in a pageant in Muslim attire.


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