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Xinjiang: The USA Sanctioned on Chinese officials over ‘abuse’ of Muslims.


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China has been accused of mistreating Muslims and for mass detention. China has been discriminating against Muslims particularly Uighur Muslims.

Xinjiang: The USA Sanctioned on Chinese officials over 'abuse' of Muslims
  • China denies mistreating Muslims.
  • Many Chinese officials are blamed for carrying out human rights abuses in China.
  • Us is now placing visa restrictions on many communist party members of China.

China denies mistreating Muslims.

The US has accused China of mistreating Muslims. Earlier China has been blamed for selling Uighur Muslims to companies. The Muslims in Uighur were sold at cheap prices to the owners of the company.

They were not allowed to meet their family members. The US has blamed China for mass detention, religious persecution and forced sterilization China has denied that they are not mistreating the Muslims in Xinjiang.

As per reports China has detailed about million Muslims in Re-education camps. The US has banned all the financial transactions with the Chinese officials like Wang Ming Shan, Zhu Hailun, Huo Liujun. All their assets are frozen now.

Mike Pompeo who is the US Secretary of State said that they will not support China in their abuses against the people of Uighur.

Us will also restrict the Visas of party officials. Us and China have been in conflict after the coronavirus pandemic. China has denied its acquisitions.

China has detained millions of Muslims in prison camps in Xinjiang. Many Muslims are detained because they are expressive of their religion like the veil and the attire of Muslim men.

The Muslims in China have been facing discrimination for many years yet it was not known To the world. Now reports claim the discrimination against the Muslims of China and clearly shows how China has been hiding the truth.

More than 40% of the population in Xinjiang are Muslims. China Is constantly denying the acquisitions even when the truth is out and many reports claim the same.

US has now pointed out against the discrimination against Muslims in China as there are conflicts and tension between China and the US. Muslims in China are facing difficult situations due to this discrimination. Religious people are being targeted in China particularly the Muslim section of the country.


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