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Muslim Taxi Driver Appreciated For Returning £12K to Pensioner.


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A Muslim taxi driver helped a pensioner by returning him £12K and was appreciated for helping the elderly pensioner who became a victim of a scam. Barry stone who became a victim has shared how he was saved by Rashid.

Muslim Taxi Driver Appreciated For Returning £12K to Pensioner.
  • Muslim taxi driver Rashid helped an elderly man from a scam.
  • The elderly man was about to lose £12K.
  • Rashid has been appreciated for helping the elderly Pensioner.

Muslim Taxi Driver appreciated for helping a Pensioner.

Rashid a Muslim taxi driver from Buckinghamshire has been appreciated for helping an elderly man and saving his £12K. The elderly man is Barry Stone who shared how he was saved by Rashid and from becoming a victim.

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Barry stone shared his story and said that he received a call from People who claimed that they were from Scotland Yard Investigating bank fraud. Barry stone became a victim.

The people told him to withdraw a total amount of £12,000 and give that amount to the taxi driver. Stones met a Muslim driver named Izy Rashid through Neale’s of Marlow. Stones told the taxi driver to deliver the package which he is giving at the address which belonged to London.

Rashid asked stone about the passage but stone said him that it was a present which he was sending it to his son. Rashid forced stone and asked him what the matter was.

Rashid then understood that something was not right. When he informed him office they called the police. Rashid said that he cannot take someone’s money.

Rashid shared how he was happy that he was able to stop the stone from losing all his money. He said that it was the hard-earned money of Stone. Rashid expressed sadness about the situation that such scams exist and people should be aware of it.

He further said that if he didn’t understand the situation then Stone could have become penniless. Stone said that Rashid is a wonderful man and a good friend of mine now.

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People need to know that there are people who can scam them and they can become penniless. When such scams are known people should be made aware of this so that they remain careful and do not risk their hard-earned money.

People should be like Rashid to help Others and think of others and protect people when they are in need and should not ignore such situations as it can cost someone’s hard-earned money.


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