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This British Muslim became a lifesaver of a homeless man 1.


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A British Muslim man has helped a homeless man by providing him a job and saving his life. The homeless man is from Birmingham who was taking drugs. Kriss now has a job that changed his life.

This British Muslim became a lifesaver of a homeless man 1.
  • Shezad Zaman who is a British Muslim has helped a homeless man from Birmingham.
  • Kriss was living on street.
  • Shezad Zaman helped the person and became a life saver.

British Muslim becomes a lifesaver of a homeless man.

Shezad Zaman shared how he helped Kriss (Wilkes) who was a homeless man. Shezad said that he saw Kriss on the street. He often saw Kriss when he collected money on the road. Shezad told Kriss that he should not do this and should work for them in the garage.

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Shezad offered him work in the garage. Kriss lost his father and when he returned to Birmingham he became homeless. Shezad offered him a trial for two weeks for car wash and then he gave him accommodation.

When people got to know about this they appreciated Shezad and said that it is an amazing story. People thanked Shezad for giving an opportunity to Kriss.

Many people said that they should visit their garage and help these people who help others. People appreciated how Shezad helped a person by providing him shelter and clothes, and helped him by giving him a chance which is every one needs at one point of their life.

Shezad often saw Kriss from his garage when Kriss use to beg at the traffic lights. Now Kriss has a job as well as shelter to live. He needed an opportunity and he got that opportunity from Shezad who helped him when he needed it the most.

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People like Shezad are an inspiration for others. He helped Kriss by providing him a job instead of just ignoring his problem. People should help each other and should understand each other’s situation.


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