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Muslim butcher, Zaza Ogaz gives shelter to Cancer Patients in Cairo.


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Muslim butcher Zaza Ogaz helps people who suffer from Cancer. He lives in Cairo and gives shelter to people who are in need. He does not charge any fees for the help he provides. He even treats children as his own and tries to cheer them up.

Muslim butcher, Zaza Ogaz gives shelter to Cancer Patients in Cairo.
  • Zaza Ogaz from Cairo gives shelter to Patients who suffer from cancer.
  • He does not charge any fees or does not take any amount from those whom he helps.
  • He is a butcher who helps others with the money he earns from the butcher shop.

Muslim butcher gives shelter to Cancer Patients in Cairo.

Zaza Ogaz who is from Cairo is a Butcher who helps people by providing them shelter. He helps cancer patients and offers them shelter free of cost. Om Israa who is the mother of a Child shared how Zaza Ogaz helped her when she was in need.

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Om Israa said that when she came to Cairo to treat her child in the cancer hospital in Cairo. During this period she needed a place to reside near the hospital.

Zaza Ogaz helped her during this situation and welcomed her. Ogaz shared why he decided to provide free shelter to people. He said that when people come to the hospital they wanted to reside near the hospital, so they search are apartments and people charge them large amounts.

He thought that people are already paying the amount to treat their loved ones and they even had to pay these expenses.

Ogaz then decided to help such people by providing free shelter to them. In an apartment, he arranged beds and furniture and provided them free. He pays from the earnings he gets from his butcher shop.

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The apartment has scooters for children to ride. The rooms are decorated with Cartoons so that Children feel like home. He even painted the walls of the apartment and plays with the children.

People like Ogaz are an inspiration for others. He is like the ray of hope and teaches people what humanity is and how people should help each other during hard times so that they are not overburdened by expenses.


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