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Melbourne Muslims, targeted for rising Coronavirus cases.


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Muslims in Melbourne are blamed for the rising number of Coronavirus cases when Melbourne’s Islamic Al-Taqwa College reported 144 cases. The Islamic Council Of Victoria has warned people to stop blaming Muslims.

  • Muslims in Melbourne are blamed for Spreading Coronavirus.
  • The Islamic Council Of Victoria has warned for blaming Muslims in the raising number of Cases.
  • The media channels are blamed for tarnishing the image of the Muslim community.

Melbourne Muslims being targeted for raising the number of Coronavirus cases.

After the Islamic Al-Taqwa College reported 144 cases of Coronavirus, Muslims are being blamed for spreading Coronavirus. The ICV ( Islamic Council of Victoria) has said that people should stop scapegoating the Muslim community. The ICV also said that the Media reports are tarnishing the image of Muslims.

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ICV vice president Salman said that the reports stated by the Media would make the reader think that Muslims are responsible for the increase in Coronavirus cases.

AFL star Bachar Houli who plays for Richmond uploaded a Video stating about Coronavirus as his Mother is in Intensive care said that the Muslim community should get tested and should change their mindset.

The head of Sharia affairs Bekim Hasani said that other leaders along with him have been constantly delivering messages since the pandemic began about the tests.

He even said that there are Muslims who do not believe the pandemic to be true. Media reports claimed that the cases of Coronavirus have raised due to the eid celebrations which took place in the month of May. Soon after this, there was a statement released regarding fair reporting on COVID-19.

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Mr. Salman said that the Coronavirus spreads people not based on their religion or race. Mr. Hasani said that putting others at risk is a Major sin and it is being mentioned in the Quran that if a person Kills an innocent it is like killing all of mankind. He said that people should get themselves tested and should not become the reason for someone’s death.

There are different opinions about Coronavirus that every person has. And this is not related to one particular religion but to all the religions and communities.

Blaming people is not the solution but creating awareness is the only solution in order to avoid that spread of Coronavirus.


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