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Mother of 3 British Muslim Nurse Died Treating Coronavirus Patients.


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36-year-old nurse Areema Nasreen died due to Coronavirus. She was in intensive care in Walsall Manor hospital. She became the youngest medical staff to die due to Coronavirus. Her husband whispered in her ear ‘don’t worry about the kids’ before she died.

Mother of 3 British Muslim Nurse Died Treating Coronavirus Patients.
  • Areema Nasreen who works as a Nurse in Walsall Manor Hospital died because of Coronavirus.
  • She was in the intensive care unit.
  • Doctors ordered her husband not to hug her.

Mother of three, Areema Nasreen died at the age of 36 years as she was battling Coronavirus. She worked for NHS for 16 years. She was tested positive and had a fever and cough.

She was in the intensive care unit but she did not have any health conditions. Her children were 8, 10 and 17 years of age. She is the youngest health Worker who died due to Coronavirus in England.

She was on a ventilator when her husband was ordered by the doctors not to hug her due to the virus but Her husband said that he had to hug her.

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Her husband whispered in her ears not to worry about the kids. As she heard this she started to cry. She died after this.

Areema’s sister said that they are shocked about the news of her death. Areema’s  family said that people should follow the rules strictly. Another nurse died due to Coronavirus.

She was a frontline nurse named Aimee who is 39 years of age. She worked in Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother Hospital. The chief nurse of England said that people should remain in their homes.

The UK reported 38,168 cases of Coronavirus and 3,605 people are reported as dead. Medical staff is at high risk to get affected by Coronavirus as they are risking their lives to help people.

Another doctor named Habib Zaidi died at the age of 76. He was in a hospital in Essex. Adil El Tayar age 63 years died after getting affected by Coronavirus.

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Dr. Alfa Saadu who is 68 years of age died, was working in Queen Victoria memorial hospital. Thomas Harvey who worked in Goodmayes hospital died on Sunday. Dr. Amged El Hawrani died at the age of 55.

All these doctors risked their lives to save people who needed them the most.

Doctors, nurses and other medical staff has the highest risk of getting Coronavirus as they get into contact with the infected patients. All the doctors around the world urge people to stay at their homes and protect themselves as well as others.


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