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Dogs in Islam, Allowed or Not?


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Views about dogs in Islam, Many Muslims have different views regarding keeping Dogs as their pets. Some believe that dogs should not be kept whereas others believe that dogs are loyal and are kind towards dogs.

Dogs in Islam, Allowed or Not?
  • There are different views that Muslims have regarding Dogs.
  • Islam teaches Muslims to be merciful towards all creatures.
  • There are many Hadiths that mentions dogs.

Can Muslims touch dogs? Dogs in Islam.

Muslims have different opinions about Dogs. Many scholars believe that dog’s saliva is impure and if a person comes under contact with a dog’s saliva then that person needs to wash seven times.

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This is believed to have been associated with the Hadith which states that if a dog licks the utensils then that utensils must be washed seven times and the eight-time the utensils must be rubbed with the earth. Many Hadiths state that dogs must not be kept as a pet.

As per the Hadith stated in Bukhari Sharif the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) (P.B.U.H) said that “Whoever keeps a dog, his good deeds will decrease every day by one qeeraat”. Another Hadith stated by the Prophet is “Angels do not enter a house wherein there is a dog or an animate picture” – Bukhari sharif.

Many Muslims believe that dogs are loyal and they are meant to care. A story which is narrated in the Quran mentions how a group of believers were in a cave to get shelter and there were protected by Canine. It is mentioned in Quran that if the prey is eaten by dogs then that meat is not impure.

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There are many stories mentioned in the tradition like a prostitute was forgiven by Allah when she helped a dog who was about to die.

Many Muslims believe that it is faith that teaches everyone to be kinds towards other creatures. Dogs can help in many ways like guide dogs, epilepsy dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, etc.,

Muslims do not allow dogs to enter their houses. They try to keep it outside their house. Many of them are not aware of dogs, they are simply afraid of dogs when they see dogs in the streets.

If Muslims come into contact with the saliva of a dog then it is mandatory for them to wash. Sometimes Muslims do not interact with dogs.

Dogs are either seen as a problem or just like other creatures by many Muslims. Islam teaches Muslims to be merciful towards all the creatures and dogs are considered as helpers, who help others and are loyal.


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