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Israel Announces Daily 4 Hours Humanitarian Pauses in Northern Gaza


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Israel has agreed to pause fighting in northern Gaza for four hours every day. This decision aims to let people in Gaza get food and medicine and move to safer areas. The pauses follow talks between the US and Israeli leaders.

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Key Points:

  • Israel will have a four-hour pause in fighting in northern Gaza each day.
  • The pauses are to help civilians get essential supplies and move to safer places.
  • US leaders have been discussing this with Israel.
  • Israel is opening two humanitarian corridors in northern Gaza.
  • There is no complete ceasefire, only short pauses for humanitarian reasons.

Israel has decided to stop fighting for four hours each day in northern Gaza. John Kirby from the National Security Council said these pauses would start Thursday. They are meant to let people in Gaza get food, medicine, and move to safer places in the south.

This decision came after talks between US President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The exact details of these pauses, like where they’ll happen and how long they’ll last, aren’t clear yet.

Israel’s prime minister’s office said they’re still fighting and won’t stop until their hostages are released. They also said about 50,000 people in Gaza used a safe path to move south just the other day.

John Kirby said these steps by Israel are good because they follow international rules and help protect people. He also mentioned that Hamas might try to stop people from leaving.

Netanyahu is open to short pauses for humanitarian reasons but is not agreeing to a complete ceasefire. Biden has asked for a longer pause, maybe more than three days, to help with hostage negotiations.

The White House says these pauses and new safe paths in northern Gaza are a step in the right direction. Kirby explained that these pauses would let people leave dangerous areas and get help.

The Israeli military said they’re not stopping the fighting completely but are allowing these short pauses to let aid in. They’re focused on their military actions against Hamas.

Hamas, a group that Israel is fighting, attacked Israel on October 7, killing many people and taking hostages. Since then, Israel has been bombing Gaza and has sent soldiers in. Officials say that over 10,000 people in Gaza have died because of this fighting.


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