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Israeli Military to Assist in Evacuating Babies from Gaza Hospital Amid Crisis


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The Israeli military is set to help evacuate newborn babies from Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital, which is facing critical shortages and has seen the deaths of two infants due to a lack of electricity. This move comes amid intense fighting in the area, contributing to a worsening humanitarian situation. The hospital, struggling with shortages of water, food, and power, is in a zone of heavy conflict. The larger conflict has resulted in numerous casualties and a complex humanitarian crisis in the region.

Gaza Children

Key Points:

  • Israeli military agrees to evacuate babies from Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital.
  • Two newborns died at the hospital due to electricity shortages.
  • Al-Shifa is experiencing critical shortages of essential supplies.
  • The Israeli military denies attacking the hospital but confirms nearby clashes.
  • Gaza’s largest hospital is in an area heavily impacted by the ongoing conflict.
  • Over 11,000 people, including 4,500 children, reported killed in Gaza since October 7 attacks.

The Israeli military has announced to help evacuate babies from the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza, responding to the worst situation at the hospital. Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in Gaza, is currently facing extreme shortages of basic necessities like water, food, and electricity.

Recently, two premature babies tragically died in the hospital due to the lack of electricity, highlighting the severity of the crisis.

The surrounding area of Al-Shifa hospital has been a focal point of intense conflict. The Israeli military has stated that it has not targeted the hospital directly but acknowledges that there have been clashes with Hamas fighters in the nearby area. The military has accused Hamas of using tunnels beneath the hospital for operations, a claim denied by Hamas.

Doctors Without Borders has reported that hospitals across Gaza have been under heavy bombardment over the last 24 hours, exacerbating the already critical healthcare situation. The ongoing conflict, which escalated following Hamas attacks on October 7, has led to a high number of casualties.

The health ministry in Gaza, controlled by Hamas, reports that over 11,000 people, including more than 4,500 children, have been killed since the conflict intensified.

The decision to evacuate babies from Al-Shifa hospital reflects the desperate conditions in the medical facility and the broader humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari stated that the evacuation is being carried out at the request of the hospital staff.

The hospital’s director, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, emphasized the need to protect patients and confirmed the dire situation at Al-Shifa, including the suspension of operations due to fuel shortages.

The crisis at Al-Shifa hospital and in Gaza as a whole is part of a larger, complex conflict that has led to significant loss of life, displacement, and a humanitarian emergency. The international community continues to monitor the situation closely, with calls for an immediate ceasefire and humanitarian aid to address the escalating crisis.


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