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High Court Void FIR Against Tablighi Jamaat


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Bombay High court revokes FIR against Tablighi Jamaat. On Monday the high court revoked the FIR charges and said that there is no evidence against Jamaatis and they are not involved in spreading Coronavirus.

High Court Void FIR Against Tablighi Jamaat
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  • High Court revokes charges against Tablighi Jamaat people from Myanmar.
  • The court said that they are not involved in spreading Coronavirus.
  • Due to no evidence against them, the court quashed the FIR.

High Court revokes FIR against Tablighi Jamaat

Tablighi Jamaat was accused of spreading Coronavirus. There were many charges on the Tablighi Jamaat people. They were blamed to have spread Coronavirus.

Many Tablighi Jamaat people were arrested for not following the norms stated by Government during the Pandemic. The High Court has revoked the FIR which was filed against the 8 People from Myanmar.

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The court said that they are not involved in spreading Coronavirus. There is a lack of evidence against them said the court. As per the statements taken by Justice V.M. Deshpande and justice Amit B. Borkar from the people of Myanmar reveals that the people from Myanmar spent their time reading the Quran and offered Namaz. The court saw that the people did not know Hindi and they did not engage in any religious speech.

The court said that carrying out further trial would be injustice and it would be right to revoke the FIR.  The Bombay High court has revoked FIR filed against 29 Foreign people and said that they were being criticized for spreading the Coronavirus and criticized the propaganda created by media. The High court of Madras has urged the Centre to return the Jamaatis to their places.

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Tablighi Jamaat people have spread Coronavirus claimed the media. Many videos were shared stating that the virus was spread by Tablighi Jamaat. There was propaganda about the same everywhere.

They were accused and criticized by using derogatory terms. The high court then declared that Tablighi Jamaat is not responsible for spreading the virus.


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